Creating Work that Serves Those We Study (and Others)

Creating Work that Serves Those We Study (and Others): Breaking the "Publication" Strangle-hold on Self-Centered Discourse in Ethnographic Fields
Among the greatest liabilities in creating any academic works that requires or includes interviews, fieldwork, oral discourse, or oral histories, is first: that these oral accounts and discussions will be viewed with the same authority as those that are written and previously published; and second: that the works once published, will have value or serve those represented. After virtually centuries of reporting ones findings about other cultures through the eyes of the (primarily Western) writer, is roughly only a decade of serious questioning of the validity of the reports or the methodology of the reporting; and -- even fewer years or discussions in considering the validity of the studies against the values and aesthetics of those studied.

Visions & Vibrations International, LLC encourages ALL academics, artists, and media personnel interested in publishing or producing academic works on or about "non-Western" cultures (or about any culture with considerable attention to oral histories, interviews, etc.) to consider our unique formula for publication. To be a part of our TEAM of professionals we invite you to join our PROFESSIONAL NETWORK and to respond to our "hot button" topics, or to share topics and research or ideas for publication or production with your colleagues from around the world. You will likely find our formula very interesting:

  1. We are interdisciplinary in every sense of the word. Upon posting a topic for discussion or as a "call for work" --- any professional: academic, photographer, artist, musician, counselor or media professional may enter work, images or art that addresses or reflects upon the topic, as well as general comments or citations of pre-existent work that they feel should be considered in the discussion;
  2. Each body of work, will go to a team of Professionals selected for each project for review and consideration for "publication" (or media: production);
  3. After works are chosen, each individual will be contacted. Those selected will be offered a contract against the volume of work EX: submissions submissions divided by the total space or time of compiled work;
  4. If and when productions costs are met from any work, any subsequent profits or if not profits, further benefits, citations, or reviews will be returned to the participants -- INCLUDING those included in the studies or interviews -- thus making sure that respect is given equally to those who write and those who are written about.

You may JOIN our PROFESSIONAL NETWORK by submitting your application to us (a fee of $59. annually will be required if your brief resume qualifies you as a professional). Or, you should feel free to contact VVI if you would like more information before joining our network.

You may also be interested in our first publication: Our Musical World -- which both pilots the interdisciplinary and the "profit-sharing" social and economic development mission of VVI.

In all instances, we hope to hear your voice and to honor both you and those from whom you have learned as well.

Visions and Vibrations International Staff