FREE Professional Network Membership for First TWO HUNDRED Members!

The first TWO HUNDRED educators, artists, or other professionals to join our network may join FREE  for life. Post your bios, your contact information, and whatever professional works you'd like to publish with us! Including -- links to your own website, or other sites.  You may also immediately begin submitting articles, artwork, comments, or media for publication and production.  SEE ALSO: "CALL for PROFESSIONAL WORK". 

Revenue-Sharing for the development of your own Social, Cultural, Artistic, and Economic development projects are also paid for works or for the purchase and usage of VVI products in classrooms or other venues. SEE Also: VVI Mission and Professional Network Homepage.

Prodcedure: Contact us at: -- give us short summary of your profession, your location, and your interests -- and we will send you your entrance and membership code.  NOTE: work or bios may be submitted in other languages as well-- but for now, must include at least and English language summary.

Hope to hear from you: VVI ADMINISTRATION