Seeing our own Biases is not easy!

by mPatal

Growing up in India, there were no serious biases. Only biases I can think of are between Muslims and Hindus. These biases are much more seen in elders because they lived during its starting process. People in India are now beginning to forget these biases. Other biases could be between rich and poor. I was from a middle class family, so I have seen both sides of these biases. Due to a lot of corruption, rich people usually get with anything they want against. I believe it is easier to see biases of others cause you are either at receiving end of it and you are third person in that situation. To see biases of ourselves takes great amount of energy. They are usually pointed out by our friends and family. This has happened to me. What I learned from this that I listen to what I am saying and also watch for any immediate reaction from the people. After a while, I could often stop myself from biasing against others.