Professional Musician/Perf.Artist CAREER/LIFE-SKILL Seminars - Now Offered (S.E. Michigan/USA)

by Michael L. Naylor, Ph.D.

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Musicians & Performing Artists – Career/Life-Skills

(S.E. Michigan)


Life-changing WORKSHOPS:  in self-assessment, career-development, music
and art innovation & composition, and in discovering and disciplining a
life that is creative and fulfilling. CONTACT: for more INFORMATION or SCHEDULING of DAYS & TIMES for your Sessions.


Instructor: World music & creativity professor,
M.A. film-music composition, and Ph.D. in world music, a specialist in career
training, performing arts production, and life-skills/creativity training for performing
artists. [Other: 26 years teaching in Universities/Community Colleges,
performed/worked in over 25 countries, author/scholar and seminar presenter in
nine countries!]


Learn skills: in self-assessment, overcoming personal
challenges (procrastination, fear, and anxiety), time-management, working in
groups, developing solid career choices --- as well as techniques in maximizing
creative potential, creative composition, collaboration/networking, and
negotiating a creative life-style in a changing world!


four weeks:  Workshops are held on
Friday afternoons or Saturdays are available to individuals or groups/bands


Individuals (1 hr. per wk): Rates based on income;

Groups (2 hrs. per wk.): Rates based on income *


Four-Week sessions include: contact us at


Four Week Topics:

  1. Self-assessment, Personal
    “Creativity,” & Overcoming Performance Anxiety:  Developing creative discipline, learning time-management,
    understanding the nature and application of “creativity,” and projecting a
    place for our talents in a changing world! How do we develop careers and
    lives that are CrEaTivE?  Offered:
    A, B, C, D, E
  2. Creative Collaborative & Composition: Creating the “art” ensemble! Understanding
    the creative/composition process. Whether in families, bands, or
    businesses – what are the keys to developing and sustaining high levels of
    creativity & respect in groups --- and maintaining
    “creative-community” for long-term growth? 
    Offered: B, C, D, E
  3. Learning to “learn” – GLOBAL Life-Skills:
    What skills do
    we need in today’s global-knowledge economy? Developing flexibility,
    global-awareness, and nurturing emotional, creative, social, and intuitive
    intelligences – are key to becoming and remaining successful in a “fluid”
    world.  Offered: B, C, D, E
  4. Making a “green screen” YOUTUBE
    video (for multiple markets): Make an original “creation,” develop
    a storyboard, and learn to consider ourselves and our worth in multiple
    markets.  Then – shoot a green
    screen video complete with interviews and “making of the video”
    commentary.  Offered: E



All proceeds go to: The World Center for Creative Education (WCCE) a 501c3
non-profit organization dedicated to the creative reform of education to meet
our changing world.