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Creative Insights into a Planet's CulturalDiversity

Leonie E. Naylor & Michael L.Naylor

Including: 83 musical samples and contributions from

over400 musicians, photographers, and teachers, counselors, and artists


"Those who listen to and immerse themselves in OUR MUSICAL WORLD, cannot fail to see -- and hear and feel -- the creative power of people in everycorner of our planet. And... they cannot fail to come up with something new and important themselves." James Loewen, Author: Lies My Teacher Told Me.


"The Review Office has reviewed OUR MUSICAL WORLD.It is a beautiful volume, and the CDs provide hours of exciting examples of musical brilliance.  The service you have provided by creating such a wide-ranging analysis is inestimable! The book's application to education, formally or informally is its obvious attraction. Yet imaginative people will, no doubt, find ways to incorporate itscontents into the study of topics beyond music, such as history, sociology, anthropology, languages, and much more." Lynne Yancy, Review Office, National Center, Wilmette, Illinois

OurMusical World (OMW):

Will give you direct access to other instructors and professionals -- not only in music education -- but in other disciplines including: counseling, history, anthropology, media, and the arts.  You will also have access to online and physical materials created by your colleagues -- or you may share your own innvoations with others including:

Exams, blackboard materials, classroom materials and suggestions, powerpoint presentations, grading and assessment tools

OMW: Places all the cultures represented and their music on an equal plane of value.  The project bases its topics upon the interviews and contributions from over 300 international musicians,photographers/ artists, students, teachers, and counselors included in the work. AND, each topic is carefully selected to have direct relevance in living and working situations beyond the classroom;

Provides your students with an online forum to discuss their perspectives with others around the world in arespectful manner;

Encourage reader's/student's exploration of their own creative skills individually and in the context ofgroups or community.  The text and supplemental materials that will be made available to you, will help nurture your student's own creativity... both in discussions and in creating projects with their own "creative instruments" (skills);


1. Provides ALL Instructors, Artists, Counselors, and Media professionals with a forum to discuss and post, publish, or produce for tenure credit, professional progress, or simply to assist others... their work and innovations, in collaboration with their colleagues around the world (SEE: Professional's Network).

2.  You will become part of profit-sharing Social and Economic Development (SED) structure designed to create new works and return all revenue to the contributors and creators of each work in proportion to their contributions. You may also receive rebates from book sales to assist in the creation and production of  your own work.

If interested:  Feel free to request an "AT COST" or FREE copy of the text now -- which will give you immediate access to the Reader/Student Forum as well!

We hope you will join our initiative and share your valuable insights.

VVI Administration