Our Musical World | Visions and Vibrations International

Creative Insights into a Planet's Cultural Diversity
Léonie E. Naylor & Michael L. Naylor, Authors


All of the various Units and sections of "Our Musical World" are created to respect each and every individual’s creative visions, while giving them access to important topics, perceptual skills, and creative ideas from other parts of our world as might be found relevant or, in some cases, balancing to own lives and careers.

Each Unit includes: broad discussions of under-emphasized topics in Western education; stories and interviews from the musicians, educators, or youth of the culture-groups discussed, and wonderfully creative musical samples.

OMW also includes important insights and terminology as is relevant to each musical piece, but only as connects each work to the broader cultural topics or the over 700 pictures, expressions of art, architecture, or dance, and a wide assortment of other disciplines.

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  • "While many of us like to be educated and to learn, we often are dreadful of doing the work, going to class etc. mainly because these processes do not interest us. But unique to other classes that I've taken I actually enjoy reading the book, listening to the CDs and coming to class as well. this is not only due to the fact that the material that being taught is interesting but especially in ways that are relatable to the student's own lives regardless of what region, culture, religion, race, ethnicity etc. that they belong to. Overall, I expected this class to be interesting and fun but even my expectations were exceeded by this class and I know Dr. Naylor does not like us to do things for grades... but if I had to give this course and this book a grade it would be an A+."  November, 2008

    Sawa Sliva, Student
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