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Creative Insights into a Planet's Cultural Diversity
Léonie E. Naylor & Michael L. Naylor, Authors

Testimonials and Reviews

  • In the Category of Educational/Academic/Teaching... "Our Musical World" won the Silver Metal in a field of 4,000 entries from United States, Canada, and six English speaking countries. Congratulations - OMW one of only 410 award-winning books!

  • "I found OUR MUSICAL WORLD's scope to be monumental in breadth and beyond masterful in approach and pedagogy. I'm anxious to see this text disseminated everywhere."

    Kevin Locke (Tokeya Inajin), Lakota Native American, South Dakota, U.S.A.
  • "The book (OUR MUSICAL WORLD) contains an amazing amount of material, and you've clearly put your heart and soul into this project. The book reads as a manual on cross-cultural sensitivity. Good luck!"

    Dr. Judith Becker, Professor Ethnomusicology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
  • "I received the book -- what a beautiful book! Congratulations!"

    Xiao Dong Wei Chinese Musician
  • "Those who listen to and immerse themselves in OUR MUSICAL WORLD... cannot fail to see -- and hear and feel -- the creative power of people in every corner of our planet. They cannot fail to grasp how every culture -- takes in ideas from other cultures to create something new. And if they put into practice the Naylors' step-by-step exegesis of the creative process, they cannot fail to come up with something new and important themselves."

    James Loewen, Author: Lies My Teacher Told Me.
  • "While many of us like to be educated and to learn, we often are dreadful of doing the work, going to class etc. mainly because these processes do not interest us. But unique to other classes that I've taken I actually enjoy reading the book, listening to the CDs and coming to class as well. this is not only due to the fact that the material that being taught is interesting but especially in ways that are relatable to the student's own lives regardless of what region, culture, religion, race, ethnicity etc. that they belong to. Overall, I expected this class to be interesting and fun but even my expectations were exceeded by this class and I know Dr. Naylor does not like us to do things for grades... but if I had to give this course and this book a grade it would be an A+."  November, 2008

    Sawa Sliva, Student
  • "We are very happy to see there is such a great and complete work about the music all over the world."

    Jeannette Elsenburg, Samponõ Music Productions, Amsterdam, Nederlands
  • "The Review Office has reviewed OUR MUSICAL WORLD. It is a beautiful volume, and the CDs provide hours of exciting examples of musical brilliance. The service you have provided by creating such a wide-ranging analysis...is inestimable! The book's application to education-formally or informally-is its obvious attraction. Yet imaginative people will, no doubt, find ways to incorporate its contents into the study of topics beyond music, such as history, sociology, anthropology, languages, and much more."

    Lynne Yancy, Review Office, National Center, Wilmette, Illinois

"Congratulations!  "Our Musical World: Creative Insights into a Planet's Cultural Diversity" has been awarded the 2009 Independent Publishers SILVER METAL in the category: Academic, Education & Teaching.  We offer you and Visions & Vibrations International, LLC our congratulations on this accomplishment."

 Independent Publishers - 2009