Professional Network -- an Introduction!

The VVI Professional Network is open to all professionals to respectfully share their experiences, creative talents, philosophies, and cultural perspectives.

Network membership is open to anyone who is a professional educator, artist, or involved in socio-cultural & community reform.   Please contact us at:  to request a memebership code.  We will then ask you to attach a biography, indicate professional experience and training, and "passions" or desire to share your vision and work for improving educational conditions and enhancing the well-being of community-life with respectful inclusion of our world's diverse cultures.

Generally:  We will contact you or send you a "Professional Code" within two business days.

Thank you for your interest! 

This is a sample of the VVI Professional Network.

Professional Network Announcements

Join Our AFFILIATE Network --

By Signing up for our Affiliate program -- you may request an affiliate "Code". If you direct other instructors or professionals to any of the VVI Texts (such as OUR MUSICAL WORLD) -- you may receive $5. for every text initially purchased by bookstores for the new instructor --- and then $2. per text for the life of that instructor's use of the text. This money -- will be donated to you to support your own educational, professional, social/cultural initiatives. From your own research or artistic activities to supporting your own childs education. Contact us if you need more information. VVI ADMINISTRATION

Become a "Featured" Artist or Scholar

We will regularly offer FREE and OPEN works to those on the professional network --- in order to foster and improve a sense of Community at VVI and in part, counter the increasing emphasis placed on commercial gain as motivation for "creation" or thought. If you have something that you'd like to share openly, in writing, image, or sound --- let us know. You may share on three levels: Professionals only, Professionals/Student & Readers, or to the General Public. Otherwise, you may submit for "closed access" or publication/production only -- on the "hot button" topics in the forum.

VVI Professional Network: Benefits and Services

What are the unique benefits of becoming a member of the VVI Professional Network?

  • You may immediately begin sharing your perspectives with professionals of ALL disciplines related to International education, the arts, media, and cultural or community reform... today!
  • You may receive tenure credit, promotional credit, build your resumé, or expand your ideas and career!
  • You may earn money towards the development of your own social, cultural, educational, or artistic ventures by either: referring our services and products to others (i.e. "OUR MUSICAL WORLD") and becoming an AFFILIATE member... (which will generate royalties for the life of the project) OR -- in publishing or producing materials with VVI! (see Professional Network "HOT BUTTON" topics)!
  • You may receive discounts on all services and products produced by VVI and on many from the other professionals in our network!
  • You may post your bio and professional career information for others to contact you, your websites, or to consult with you on projects of their own!
  • If you are a TEACHER/PROFESSOR that uses "OUR MUSICAL WORLD" -- you will gain access to exams, assessments, classroom materials, and perpetual dialogue with your colleagues around the world;
  • AND -- with all projects or services you may develop with VVI --- you will access to a credit or profit sharing formula that will respect you and your work for the life of the work!
Request a Professional Network "Unique Code" at Products and Services -- OR - Contact us for more information!

Current Submission Topics

The following are our current approved submission topics. We will be reviewing submissions for consideration to be used in future VVI publications.

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