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Seeing our own Biases is not easy!

Growing up in India, there were no serious biases. Only biases I can think of are between Muslims and Hindus. These biases are much more seen in elders because they lived during its starting process. People in India are now beginning to forget these biases. Other biases could be between rich and poor. I was from a middle class family, so I have seen both sides of these biases. Due to a lot of corruption, rich people usually get with anything they want against.


I think that this is a wonderful concept because i think it is a more actuate representation of people in society.  I think because of globalization and the rate at which people can communicate with others makes it inevitable that our cultures will influence each other more rapidly then in our history.

Why be Creative?

Whether it be a bird building a nest for it's children or a person painting a picture there is something every living thing can create. Creativity defines our individuality. Creativity gives us our voice. Creativity enhances our ability to solve problems, create strong community life, beyond the fact that we learn to enhance our ability to express our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, or values.

Opinion on the OMW Text!

 I was surprised and excited to learn i was wrong. The text was very detailed and very interesting. i learned more about my own culture as well as others. Overall this text is excellent for anyone who wants to learn not just about music but about the world.