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The first FIVE E-multi-MediaBooks R Now Available on iBooks!

Book 1- Music & Art: Portals to Creative Confidence & Problem-Solving --- examines the relationship of music and art to building a creative lifestyle. It directly connects the music/art composition process to problem-solving while taking a look at ways to enhance our creative intelligence. OMW Book 1 - will assist the reader in discovering and overcoming "blocks" to creative confidence imposed by many current approaches to education and lifestyle.

Published by: Visions & Vibrations International for the World Center for Creative Education
(WCCE). Available on iTunes (iBooks) $19.99:
book-1-music/id532939656?mt=11 or for artists/educators by contacting us at our website: all proceeds go education initiatives funded by WCCE.

Book 2 - Assets of a Global Vision: Human Universals in Music --- examines through statistics, stories, and logic - the pressing need to expand our world-view. It explores the historical origins of national, racial, and cultural boundaries, offers valuable insights into the manner by which ancient perceptions of identity may be impacting our lives, and offers clear views on how to expand a healthy and prosperous vision of our planet.

Published by: Visions & Vibrations International for
the World Center for Creative Education (WCCE). Available on iTunes (iBooks) $19.99: or for artists/educators by contacting us at our website: all proceeds go education initiatives funded by WCCE and to support the Playing for Change Foundation (PFC).

Book 3 - Native (North) America: Sounds of the Past... Visions of a Future --- examines the fascinating and important world of Native American symbolism. After a scathingly honest look at America's history through
Native perspectives we become aware of the conflict between the worlds of the square and that of the circle. OMW Book 3 offers numerous valuable insights from across North American Native cultures that can bring both healing and balance to the majority cultures.

Published by: Visions & Vibrations International for the World Center for Creative Education (WCCE). Available on iTunes (iBooks) $19.99: or for artists/educators by contacting us at our website: all proceeds go
education initiatives funded by WCCE and to support Native organizations.

Book 4 - American Musical Creativity: The History & Legacy of Pain & Triumph --- examines the complex
relationship of cultural conflict, slavery, racism, and multi-cultural contact and the wealth of creativity that resulted from the complexity of American cultural evolution (the Americas). Through the windows of American music: the Spirituals & Gospel, the Blues, Irish/Celtic & Country music, Jazz (over time), Hip-hop, and Calypso (from Trinidad), we will explore how to engage multiple realities at once... painful & triumphant.

Published by: Visions & Vibrations International for the World Center for Creative Education (WCCE). Available on iTunes (iBooks) $19.99: or for artists/educators by contacting us at our website: all proceeds go education initiatives funded by WCCE.

Book 5 - The "Middle East" & North Africa: Poetry, Music, & the Quest for Purpose --- examines the depth and
impact of what we call: Middle Eastern cultures on Our World. By exploring both the diversity and inter-connectivity of cultures and religions - we will look for the polarizing and inter-connecting relationships particularly between this region and Western cultures.

Published by: Visions & Vibrations International for the World Center for Creative Education (WCCE). Available on iTunes (iBooks) $19.99: or for artists/educators by contacting us at our website: all proceeds go education initiatives funded by WCCE.

For more information on the World Center for Creative Education (WCCE) a 501c3 organization go to: for direct use of the Ebooks in World Music or Music Appreciation contexts or to view the Reader / Student Forum or other Arts/Music related projects – see: To view “mini-documentaries” separately: see YouTube:

Our Musical World moves to multi-media e-Pub Format

Production is completed to create multiple music videos and replace much of the written text and audio files with "mini-documentaries" placed in the newest technology: multi-media e-Pub format.  Additionally, the project will remain a life-skills instruction project through music, but with emphasis on the GENESIS of each work from the artist's perspective.  This change will not only allow us to see into the minds and hearts of the artists -- but learn creative techniques and insights for our own creative growth as well.

Email: if you'd like more information -- or if you are an artist and would like to be included in subsequent editions. 

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O. General: Our Musical World

Please post your thoughts and comments genarlly on the OMW text and project.

14 weeks 3 days ago
by Knife

I. Exploring "Creativity"

13 weeks 6 hours ago
by ajr

II. Human Universals

13 weeks 6 hours ago
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IIIA. Symbolism and Intuition

13 weeks 4 days ago
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IIIB. Native America

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IVA. Biases

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IVB. Africa-America

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V. Religion & the "Middle East"

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VI. European Evolution and Influence

14 weeks 2 days ago
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VII. Jewish/Romani ("Gypsy") Cultural Influence

14 weeks 3 days ago
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VIIIA. Community-Building: Life-cycles/Rituals

13 weeks 6 hours ago
by ajr

VIIIB. Africa

14 weeks 2 days ago
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VIIIC. Latin America

13 weeks 4 days ago
by emperry08

IXA. Healing: Physical / Emotional / Mental --- and Cultural

13 weeks 3 days ago
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IXB. Asia

14 weeks 1 day ago
by LGeorge27

XA. Creolization: Re-thinking Human Categorization

14 weeks 1 day ago
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"Our Musical World" wins 2010 "Outstanding Innovation" Award

On February 19th, in Port Huron, MI, Dr. Michael Naylor and four students and faculty from Washtenaw Community College accepted the 2010 Award for "Outstanding Innovation" for teamwork and curricular development for the "Our Musical World" project.  The project was cited by all for its interdisciplinarity and approach to teaching cultural "justice" and life-skills... through the window of Music Appreciation.  Congratulations from VVI to Dr. and Counsellor Naylor and the Our Musical World team.


VVI was notified June 19,2009 -- that they received the Silver Metal in the Education category from over 4,000 entries for "Our Musical World: Insights into a Planet's Cultural Diversity".  pitted against books from the United States, 8 Canadian provinces, and six countries... "Our Musical World" received the Silver Metal and nominations for "Most LIfe-Changing" book as well.  See the complete results at:

FREE Professional Network Membership for First TWO HUNDRED Members!

The first TWO HUNDRED educators, artists, or other professionals to join our network may join FREE  for life. Post your bios, your contact information, and whatever professional works you'd like to publish with us! Including -- links to your own website, or other sites.  You may also immediately begin submitting articles, artwork, comments, or media for publication and production.  SEE ALSO: "CALL for PROFESSIONAL WORK". 

Revenue-Sharing for the development of your own Social, Cultural, Artistic, and Economic development projects are also paid for works or for the purchase and usage of VVI products in classrooms or other venues. SEE Also: VVI Mission and Professional Network Homepage.

Prodcedure: Contact us at: -- give us short summary of your profession, your location, and your interests -- and we will send you your entrance and membership code.  NOTE: work or bios may be submitted in other languages as well-- but for now, must include at least and English language summary.

Hope to hear from you: VVI ADMINISTRATION 

Potential Music Apprec. Instructors!



Creative Insights into a Planet's CulturalDiversity

Leonie E. Naylor & Michael L.Naylor

Including: 83 musical samples and contributions from

over400 musicians, photographers, and teachers, counselors, and artists


"Those who listen to and immerse themselves in OUR MUSICAL WORLD, cannot fail to see -- and hear and feel -- the creative power of people in everycorner of our planet. And... they cannot fail to come up with something new and important themselves." James Loewen, Author: Lies My Teacher Told Me.


"The Review Office has reviewed OUR MUSICAL WORLD.It is a beautiful volume, and the CDs provide hours of exciting examples of musical brilliance.  The service you have provided by creating such a wide-ranging analysis is inestimable! The book's application to education, formally or informally is its obvious attraction. Yet imaginative people will, no doubt, find ways to incorporate itscontents into the study of topics beyond music, such as history, sociology, anthropology, languages, and much more." Lynne Yancy, Review Office, National Center, Wilmette, Illinois

OurMusical World (OMW):

Will give you direct access to other instructors and professionals -- not only in music education -- but in other disciplines including: counseling, history, anthropology, media, and the arts.  You will also have access to online and physical materials created by your colleagues -- or you may share your own innvoations with others including:

Exams, blackboard materials, classroom materials and suggestions, powerpoint presentations, grading and assessment tools

OMW: Places all the cultures represented and their music on an equal plane of value.  The project bases its topics upon the interviews and contributions from over 300 international musicians,photographers/ artists, students, teachers, and counselors included in the work. AND, each topic is carefully selected to have direct relevance in living and working situations beyond the classroom;

Provides your students with an online forum to discuss their perspectives with others around the world in arespectful manner;

Encourage reader's/student's exploration of their own creative skills individually and in the context ofgroups or community.  The text and supplemental materials that will be made available to you, will help nurture your student's own creativity... both in discussions and in creating projects with their own "creative instruments" (skills);


1. Provides ALL Instructors, Artists, Counselors, and Media professionals with a forum to discuss and post, publish, or produce for tenure credit, professional progress, or simply to assist others... their work and innovations, in collaboration with their colleagues around the world (SEE: Professional's Network).

2.  You will become part of profit-sharing Social and Economic Development (SED) structure designed to create new works and return all revenue to the contributors and creators of each work in proportion to their contributions. You may also receive rebates from book sales to assist in the creation and production of  your own work.

If interested:  Feel free to request an "AT COST" or FREE copy of the text now -- which will give you immediate access to the Reader/Student Forum as well!

We hope you will join our initiative and share your valuable insights.

VVI Administration

"Our Musical World" -- Released Summer - 2008!

The recently completed "global awareness" through music text: "Our Musical World: Creative Insights into a Planet's Cultural Diversity" and its accompanying four CDs was first viewed and reviewed at the Book Expo America in Los Angeles, California May 29 - June 1 -- and will later be presented at the ISME (International Society of Music Educators) in Bologna, Italy.  For more information view the content on Our Musical World page.

Creating Work that Serves Those We Study (and Others)

Creating Work that Serves Those We Study (and Others): Breaking the "Publication" Strangle-hold on Self-Centered Discourse in Ethnographic Fields
Among the greatest liabilities in creating any academic works that requires or includes interviews, fieldwork, oral discourse, or oral histories, is first: that these oral accounts and discussions will be viewed with the same authority as those that are written and previously published; and second: that the works once published, will have value or serve those represented. After virtually centuries of reporting ones findings about other cultures through the eyes of the (primarily Western) writer, is roughly only a decade of serious questioning of the validity of the reports or the methodology of the reporting; and -- even fewer years or discussions in considering the validity of the studies against the values and aesthetics of those studied.

Visions & Vibrations International, LLC encourages ALL academics, artists, and media personnel interested in publishing or producing academic works on or about "non-Western" cultures (or about any culture with considerable attention to oral histories, interviews, etc.) to consider our unique formula for publication. To be a part of our TEAM of professionals we invite you to join our PROFESSIONAL NETWORK and to respond to our "hot button" topics, or to share topics and research or ideas for publication or production with your colleagues from around the world. You will likely find our formula very interesting:

  1. We are interdisciplinary in every sense of the word. Upon posting a topic for discussion or as a "call for work" --- any professional: academic, photographer, artist, musician, counselor or media professional may enter work, images or art that addresses or reflects upon the topic, as well as general comments or citations of pre-existent work that they feel should be considered in the discussion;
  2. Each body of work, will go to a team of Professionals selected for each project for review and consideration for "publication" (or media: production);
  3. After works are chosen, each individual will be contacted. Those selected will be offered a contract against the volume of work EX: submissions submissions divided by the total space or time of compiled work;
  4. If and when productions costs are met from any work, any subsequent profits or if not profits, further benefits, citations, or reviews will be returned to the participants -- INCLUDING those included in the studies or interviews -- thus making sure that respect is given equally to those who write and those who are written about.

You may JOIN our PROFESSIONAL NETWORK by submitting your application to us (a fee of $59. annually will be required if your brief resume qualifies you as a professional). Or, you should feel free to contact VVI if you would like more information before joining our network.

You may also be interested in our first publication: Our Musical World -- which both pilots the interdisciplinary and the "profit-sharing" social and economic development mission of VVI.

In all instances, we hope to hear your voice and to honor both you and those from whom you have learned as well.

Visions and Vibrations International Staff