Visions and Vibrations International (VVI) LLC

"Connecting Our World…"

Mission Statement

VVI is an international Limited Liability company that encourages and assists collaborations between educators, artists, counselors, media professionals, and the socially-minded business community to produce creatively enhanced texts, films, mixed-media, and programs or seminars, which address critical issues as determined by the input of our global community. Through sustained international dialogue, VVI targets the development of materials and programs that address social, cultural, and economic problems of our age across our global community, and returns any profits or benefits to the individuals and cultures involved in their creation.

The fundamental principles that govern all VVI products and services include:

  • Cultural Justice/Equity: That no culture is superior or inferior. We use the terms: cultural healing/balancing and cultural justice, to emphasize the elevation of culture systems whose voices have been muted by historically derived inequities, biases, or "cultural imperialism." We strive to increase the presence of these cultures within all facets of our production process: socially, culturally, and economically, without negating the potential benefits and values of the pervasive culture systems;

  • Respecting our World's Creative thinkers: The profit-sharing/social and economic development basis for the creation of VVI, is to solicit contributions from our world's creative minds in all areas related to education, creating or restoring balance, or healing injustice globally; to create materials with these contributions with lowest overhead - and largest distribution, and to return the profits of each product to the project developers --- for the betterment of their families, communities, or cultural well-being in proportion to their contributions.

  • Pricing and Commerce: Since VVI - is a for-education company, we cannot provide free product samples or desk copies. Neither will we elevate our expenses or the cost of our products to the reader to extend corporate profits. We do not encourage "buy-backs" from bookstores, as we attempt to set all prices to the minimum needed to compensate the authors, artists, educators, or media creators of the works at a reasonable professional fee, to perpetuate the duplication of the product, and to re-invest into the creation of additional works. Buy-backs eliminate any return to the creators of the products and their communities. We reinvest all moneys beyond development and production costs into the creation of additional materials.

  • Forums and Professional Network Site: The staff at VVI invites the respectful perspectives of all culture groups, disciplines, philosophies, religions, or otherwise interested personnel who either share the vision of humanity as a single, inter-dependent, and evolving community, or are desirous of improving the conditions and well-being of our world's educational services and community life. Each of the forum and Network sites are designed to facilitate critically needed dialogue and to encourage human creativity in thought and deed - worldwide. VVI reserves the rights to restrict, eliminate, or edit any posting, comment, or other contribution that does not seek to respect these fundamental conditions or honor these principles.