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Pricing and Commerce

VVI is a for-education social and economic development company. We can neither provide free product samples or desk copies, nor will we elevate our expenses or the cost of our products to the patron to extend corporate profits. We reinvest all moneys beyond development and production costs into the families and communities of the contributors or in the creation of additional materials.

We do not encourage "buy-backs" from bookstores, as we attempt to set all prices to the minimum needed to compensate the authors, artists, educators, or media creators of the works at a reasonable professional fee, to perpetuate the duplication of the product, and to re-invest into the creation of additional works. Buy-backs eliminate any return to the creators of the products and their communities -- which compromises the social and economic development goals of our company. We thank you in advance for your support!

Desk Copies

If you are a teacher or professor and would like an at-cost desk copy, please proceed to the Our Musical World at-cost desk copy request form.

Corporate and Non-Profit sales

We also offer discounts on bulk orders for corporate or non-profit buyers. For more information, please contact our sales team at for more information.

VVI Access Codes

(OMW) Our Musical World - Student Access Code: Student E-Pub & Publication Codes

Our Musical World Access Code!

Price includes access to all OUR MUSICAL WORLD Multi-Media enhanced E-Books at your College's Blackboard or Canvas location, access to blog and article publication  & review Forum, and contributes to subsidizing student Internships. NOTE: Your code will be sent to you at your Paypal email once payment verification is received (12-24 hrs) 

Price: $35.00

21st Century Music Theory - Student Access Codepack

This is the coded needed to access all materials for this "Life Relevant" Approach to Learning Music Vocabulary.

This Code is used for MUS 140/142 General Music Theory individualized track approach to learning Music.  The code grants full student access to ALL online Theory sites, internet resources, and all online materials, ePubs, worksheets, and funds continued development and support.
Your code will be sent to you at your Paypal email once payment verification is received (Note: usually a delay of 8-24 hrs)

Price: $30.00